Prof. Dr. Jan Musekamp

Jan Musekamp ©Heide Fest
Associated Member
University of Pittsburgh

Jan Musekamp is visiting associate professor at the University of Pittsburgh/Pennsylvania (Department of History and European Studies Center). Previously, he taught Eastern European History at the European University Viadrina and was postdoctoral fellow at Washington University in St. Louis/Missouri.

In his teaching and research, he focuses on East Central European cultural and migration history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His main areas of interest are questions of mobility, (forced) migrations, cultural appropriation in Eastern European borderlands, and transnational history.

In his first book, Jan focuses on forced migrations and cultural appropriation in the Polish border city of Szczecin between 1945 and 2005. He is currently preparing his second book for publication (From Paris to St. Petersburg and from Kaunas to New York. A Cultural History of Transnational Mobility in East Central Europe). The manuscript analyzes the impact of the railroad on the development of international networks in the nineteenth century. His new research project deals with the history of Volhynia’s German speakers as a transnational history of migration and integration.